We match you up with potential sharers as a driver or passenger.

Welcome to Harrogate Carshare

Do you spend ages waiting to get across Empress Roundabout or up Leeds Road?
Think about how much quicker it would be with fewer cars and more people sharing.

What's more a typical commuter can save around £900 a year car-sharing!

Would you like to find those travelling in your direction and watch your commuting costs plummet?
Find out just how much you could save car-sharing, with our nifty savings calculator.

Now, you may be thinking...

  • "No one else lives near me" Around 75% of commutes have at least 1 match (the average is 22!)
  • "I can't share every day" You don't have to! It's flexible: just do it as often as you can.
  • "I don't have a car" No problem, you can register as "seeking a lift"

You’ve come to the right place to lead the way. Start sharing and spread the word.

Harrogate Borough Council

Harrogate Car share is a locally provided scheme which uses the national Liftshare network to offer a journey matching service to the districts residents and visitors.

It is funded by Harrogate Borough Council who are committed to achieving a sustainable environment (one of the Council’s corporate priorities). Harrogate Car Share helps residents and visitors to reduce their impact on the natural environment by reducing carbon emissions through journey sharing.



Find drivers and passengers to share with for FREE


Cut congestion and pollution


Reduce the costs of fuel and parking


Reduce the stress of driving

How much could you save?

The average commuter who shares a car could save over £900 a year. Find out how much you could save with our calculator.

Who's going your way?

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